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Dobson Family Funeral & Cremation Services believes that preplanning is paramount to making sure each person’s wishes are carried out. We also believe that a family should never overpay or utilize services that they may not have wanted to begin with.

Preplanning can allow a family to fully grieve after the loss of a loved one instead of focusing on tough and emotional decisions.

We welcome the opportunity to help each family put in place arrangements that are best for them and their surviving family. 

We do this with the use of Maine Mortuary Trust Agreements. Currently, there are 3 types of trust that are approved and allowed for use by funeral homes in Maine.

  • A Guaranteed mortuary trust allows a family to pay for the full cost upfront and receive a guarantee that the funeral home services will never increase. Protecting the family from future burdensome costs while also giving peace of mind that the details are all taken care of.
  • A Credit for Service mortuary trust allows a family to start the process of prepaying and contribute to the trust over time. This type of trust offers a guarantee once it is fully funded. We will hold any price est. for 1 year from the date that the credit for service trust is established. 
  • An Existing Life Insurance mortuary trust is another form of credit for service allowing a family to utilize an existing life insurance policy to cover the cost of their funeral arrangements. When this option is used the proceeds from the policy are a credit towards the future cost of any arrangements set up.

We also welcome the opportunity to review any Mortuary Trust that a family already has in place to make sure that their plans are current and up to date. 

We also specialize in helping families who may need to set up a trust for Maine Care purposes, which currently Maine Care allows up to $12,000 to be placed in a irrevocable mortuary trust. Which will not be considered an asset for Maine Care approval.


Being Locally Owned and Family Operated we have loyalty to our community, and we want to make sure that everyone who calls on us is getting the most honest and compassionate services.

Proudly Serving Arundel, Maine and Beyond.

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